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I got your email information through a search in the internet. I am an
authorized agent registered with the Department for Business, Energy &
Industrial Strategy{Project Procurement Division} as a sourcing agent
for sundry products. I search for companies to bid for supply
contracts on commission basis. I receive 3% commission from the seller
in any successful contract done through my recommendation.

At the moment, the Ministry is interested in your products and I will
like to make a preliminary introduction of you/your company to the
Ministry for their consideration. Please furnish me with the following
information to enable me introduce you/your company to the
Tender/procurement department of the ministry:

Payment of every government contract in U.K is by 100% bank swift
transfer (TT) in advance immediately every contract formality is

1) Your price list
2) Comprehensive details/information of your product
3) Your Company profile

I am looking forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Benjamin Hulk

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