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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next] tuntap: Fallback to automq on TUNSETSTEERINGEBPF prog negative return

On 2019/9/24 上午12:31, Matt Cover wrote:
>> I think it's better to safe to just drop the packet instead of trying to
>> workaround it.
> This patch aside, dropping the packet here
> seems like the wrong choice. Loading a
> prog at this hookpoint "configures"
> steering. The action of configuring
> steering should not result in dropped
> packets.
> Suboptimal delivery is generally preferable
> to no delivery. Leaving the behavior as-is
> (i.e. relying on netdev_cap_txqueue()) or
> making any return which doesn't fit in a
> u16 simply use queue 0 would be highly
> preferable to dropping the packet.
>> Thanks

It leaves a choice for steering ebpf program to drop the packet that it
can't classify. But consider we have already had socket filter, it
probably not a big problem since we can drop packets there.


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