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SubjectUnmerged patches adding audit when protected_regular/fifos sysctl causes EACCES
Hi Kees,

I have noticed that the two top-most patches of your protected-creat
branch were never merged upstream [1]. Those patches add audit logs
whenever the protected_regular or protected_fifo sysctl prevent the
creation of a file/fifo.

They were mentioned in the v4 thread [2] of the "main" patch and
seemed acceptable, but they were no longer mentioned in v5 [3], which
was merged.

Now that systemd enables those sysctls by default (v241+), I got
bitten pretty hard by this check and it took me a while to figure out
what was happening [4]. I ended up catching it by adding a bunch of
printk(), including where you proposed to add an audit log statement.

I just found your two patches while implementing what you proposed almost 1:1.

Was there a reason why those were abandoned? Otherwise, would you mind
resubmitting them?



Jérémie Galarneau
EfficiOS Inc.

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