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SubjectRe: [PATCH 07/17] KVM: monolithic: x86: adjust the section prefixes
On 25/09/19 14:13, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> The __exit removed from unsetup is because kvm_arch_hardware_unsetup
> is called by kvm_init, so unless somehow kvm_init can go in the exit
> section and be dropped too during the final kernel link (which would
> prevent KVM to initialize in the first place at kernel boot), it's not
> feasible to call a function located in the exit section and dropped
> during the kernel link from there.
> As far as I can tell with upstream KVM if you hit the
> kvm_arch_hardware_unsetup function during kvm_init error path it'll
> crash the kernel at boot because of it.
> Removing __exit fixes that potential upstream crash and upstream bug.

You're right.

> The comment header was short, I'll add more commentary to the commit
> header to reduce the confusion about why removing __exit is needed.

Yes, thanks!


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