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SubjectRe: Problems with arm64 compat vdso
Hi Nick,

thanks for reporting this.

On 9/24/19 7:06 PM, Nick Desaulniers wrote:
> Hi Vincenzo,
> We also are having issues building the cross vDSO with Clang:

The initial implementation of vdso32 does not have support for Clang. I was
planning to add it with a second patch set but it seems requiring more work.

> It seems that `LINUXINCLUDE` in arch/arm64/kernel/vdso32/Makefile is including
> arm64 headers in the arm part of the vdso32 build, which causes Clang to error
> on the arm64 inline asm constraints being used in arm64.
> I think if the issue Will described is fixed, it will be simpler for us to fix
> the rest to get it to build w/ Clang.
> is the basis of such a patch.

I agree with you this issue needs to be solved once and for all, but I feel that
the solution is not straight forward. Next week I will post a fix to the problem
Will raised and then will start investigating a more long term solution.

> Clang ships with all backends on by default, and uses a `-target <triple>` to
> cross compile; so the idea of passing two cross compiler binaries for a compat
> vDSO build doesn't really apply to Clang.

My idea was to derivate the triple for clang from the compat cross compiler name
removing the final dash.

I have in my Makefile something on the lines:

COMPATCC := $(CC) --target=$(notdir $CLANG_TRIPLE)


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