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SubjectRe: [PATCH 15/17] KVM: retpolines: x86: eliminate retpoline from vmx.c exit handlers
On 23/09/19 23:08, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> The two most attractive options to me remains what I already have
> implemented under #ifdef CONFIG_RETPOLINE with direct calls
> (optionally replacing the "if" with a small "switch" still under
> CONFIG_RETPOLINE if we give up the prioritization of the checks), or
> the replacement of kvm_vmx_exit_handlers with a switch() as suggested
> by Vitaly which would cleanup some code.
> The intermediate solution that makes "const" work, has the cons of
> forcing to parse EXIT_REASON_VMCLEAR and the other vmx exit reasons
> twice, first through a pointer to function (or another if or switch
> statement) then with a second switch() statement.

I agree. I think the way Andrea did it in his patch may not the nicest
but is (a bit surprisingly) the easiest and most maintainable.


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