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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 -rcu dev 0/5] kfree_rcu() additions for -rcu
On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 12:36:28PM -0400, Joel Fernandes (Google) wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a series on top of the patch "rcu/tree: Add basic support for kfree_rcu() batching".
> It adds performance tests, some clean ups and removal of "lazy" RCU callbacks.
> Now that kfree_rcu() is handled separately from call_rcu(), we also get rid of
> kfree "lazy" handling from tree RCU as suggested by Paul which will be unused.
> Based on patch:
> Link:
> v1 series:
> Joel Fernandes (Google) (5):
> rcu/rcuperf: Add kfree_rcu() performance Tests
> rcu/tree: Add multiple in-flight batches of kfree_rcu work
> rcu/tree: Add support for debug_objects debugging for kfree_rcu()
> rcu: Remove kfree_rcu() special casing and lazy handling
> rcu: Remove kfree_call_rcu_nobatch()

Hello, Joel,

I have reworked these as we discussed. Please see below for a preliminary
series on -rcu. I say "preliminary" because most (if not all) of my
patchlets should be merged with one or another of yours. I split them
out to make it easier for you to review my changes. Also, I need to
swap your first two commits, if I am not mistaken -- they are switched
for ease of testing.


Thanx, Paul


b2674c7 rcuperf: Add kfree_rcu() performance Tests
ff8db00 rcu: Make batched kfree_rcu() work during early boot
0784b59 rcu: Add crude self-test for early boot kfree_rcu()
196c1d9 rcu: Kick kfree_rcu() state machine for early boot calls
52a10e8 rcu: Use docbook header comment for struct kfree_rcu_cpu
099f53b rcu: Rework comments, indentation, and line breaks for kfree_rcu()
7ab6387 rcu EXP: Non-atomic ->monitor_todo, step 1
4a908098 rcu EXP: Non-atomic ->monitor_todo, step 2
783f00d rcu EXP: Non-atomic ->monitor_todo, step 3
4fe2018 rcu EXP: Non-atomic ->monitor_todo, step 4
b389141 rcu EXP: Non-atomic ->monitor_todo, step 5
8889da8 rcu EXP: Non-atomic ->monitor_todo, step 6
149b93e rcu EXP: Non-atomic ->monitor_todo, step 7
733e6a7 rcu: Add multiple in-flight batches of kfree_rcu() work
3acdea0 rcu: Add support for debug_objects debugging for kfree_rcu()
463db53 rcu: Remove kfree_rcu() special casing and lazy-callback handling
49e601b rcu: Remove kfree_call_rcu_nobatch()

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