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SubjectRMS: You did nothing wrong.
You defended your friend and colleague; this is the correct thing for a 
man to do.

You will notice that the white men attack you and have their knives out
the very moment an opportunity arises (not to mention the women, but
that is a given), while the Latin men support you.

This should tell you all you need to know.

Your life's work has not been in vain: we: the programmers support you,
and have supported you through our actions. We build free software, in
accordance with your principals.

What do the proud white men and women do? They simply defend "white
womanhood"; they attack you while embezzling the donations funded to
your organizations. They do not program, they instead eject the
programmers from their own founded projects and place female political
officers at their heads (or an equivalent there-of).

These people are your enemies: white men and white women who exist only
to exalt "the white woman". It is a tale as old as America, as old as
England in-fact. It is the only care white men have. That is why they
betray you.

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