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SubjectRe: [for-next][PATCH 3/8] tracing: Make sure variable reference alias has correct var_ref_idx

On September 21, 2019 3:21:08 PM EDT, Sasha Levin <> wrote:
>On Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 08:20:35AM -0400, Steven Rostedt wrote:
>>On Sat, 21 Sep 2019 12:06:18 +0000
>>Sasha Levin <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> [This is an automated email]
>>> This commit has been processed because it contains a "Fixes:" tag,
>>> fixing commit: .
>>> The bot has tested the following trees: v5.2.16, v4.19.74,
>v4.14.145, v4.9.193, v4.4.193.
>>The fixes tag is 7e8b88a30b085 which was added to mainline in 4.17.
>>According to this email, it applies fine to 5.2 and 4.19, but fails on
>>4.14 and earlier. As the commit was added in 4.17 that makes perfect
>>sense. Can you update your scripts to test when the fixes commit was
>>added, and not send spam about it not applying to stable trees where
>>it's not applicable.
>The script already does that. What happened here is that it got
>with your previous "Fixes:" statement in the commit message and went
>I thought that something like this shouldn't happen because I grep for
>"^fixes:", but looks like something is broken. I'll go fix that...


-- Steve

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