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SubjectKernel Concurrency Sanitizer (KCSAN)
Hi all,

We would like to share a new data-race detector for the Linux kernel:
Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer (KCSAN) -- (Details:

To those of you who we mentioned at LPC that we're working on a
watchpoint-based KTSAN inspired by DataCollider [1], this is it (we
renamed it to KCSAN to avoid confusion with KTSAN).

In the coming weeks we're planning to:
* Set up a syzkaller instance.
* Share the dashboard so that you can see the races that are found.
* Attempt to send fixes for some races upstream (if you find that the
kcsan-with-fixes branch contains an important fix, please feel free to
point it out and we'll prioritize that).

There are a few open questions:
* The big one: most of the reported races are due to unmarked
accesses; prioritization or pruning of races to focus initial efforts
to fix races might be required. Comments on how best to proceed are
welcome. We're aware that these are issues that have recently received
attention in the context of the LKMM
* How/when to upstream KCSAN?

Feel free to test and send feedback.

-- Marco

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