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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 2/2] livepatch: Clear relocation targets on a module removal
On 9/2/19 12:13 PM, Miroslav Benes wrote:
>> I can easily foresee more problems like those in the future. Going
>> forward we have to always keep track of which special sections are
>> needed for which architectures. Those special sections can change over
>> time, or can simply be overlooked for a given architecture. It's
>> fragile.
> Indeed. It bothers me a lot. Even x86 "port" is not feature complete in
> this regard (jump labels, alternatives,...) and who knows what lurks in
> the corners of the other architectures we support.
> So it is in itself reason enough to do something about late module
> patching.

Hi Miroslav,

I was tinkering with the "blue-sky" ideas that I mentioned to Josh the
other day. I dunno if you had a chance to look at what removing that
code looks like, but I can continue to flesh out that idea if it looks

A full demo would require packaging up replacement .ko's with a
livepatch, as well as "blacklisting" those deprecated .kos, etc. But
that's all I had time to cook up last week before our holiday weekend here.


-- Joe

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