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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/13] Modernize Loongson64 Machine

14:30, 2019年9月12日, Matt Turner <>:

On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 1:53 AM Jiaxun Yang <
<>> wrote:

 Loongson have a long history of contributing their code to
mainline kernel.
 However, it seems like recent years, they are focusing on
maintain a kernel by themselves
 rather than contribute there code to the community.

Hi Matt:

Do you know more about this? I have a Loongson 3A3000 system that I
have never been able to make stable. I tried pulling patches out of
the glibc, binutils, gcc, and Linux repos I found at but my system still hardlocks,

What's the behaviour of hardlock? Kernel RCU stall? Or simply no response?

preventing me from doing much of anything with it.

Do we know why critical looking toolchain patches like "Added misses
sync in mips_process_sync_loop for add sync before ll sc" [0] and "Fix

LLSC fixes have been mainlined in latest binutils.
And GCC-9.1 have introduced march=gs464e for 3A3000.

loads for Loongson3 to promoting stability" [1] have not been
submitted upstream?

Load issue only influence specified revisions of Loongson-3A2000, your
hardware shouldn't have that problem.

I'm interested in supporting Loongson 3 in Gentoo, and the hardware
that has been given to me would be extremely useful for Gentoo's MIPS
port in general, but it's just not usable at all currently.

You can try Fedora 28 maintained by Lemote  which have been verified in
production environment for a period
[] if the hardware is
still unstable, then it might be a memory stability issue. You can try
to clean your DIMM solt and DDR golden finger, or even swap the memory

Btw: Xuerui Wang <> had maintained his 3A3000 Gentoo
port [] for a long time. I'll
Cc him this email and probability he can give you further assistance.



Jiaxun Yang

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