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SubjectRe: drm fixes for 5.3-rc9
On Sun, Sep 15, 2019 at 8:12 AM Dave Airlie <> wrote:
> I've been manually writing the subject lines, seems I need to fix my brain.

Note that my "find git pull requests" logic doesn't need it in the
subject line at all, so if you just change whatever script you use to
generate the email body to have an additional "pull" in there
somewhere, that's perfectly workable too.

> The reason I do that is I generate on one machine the body, and send
> it via the gmail webui on whatever machine I'm using. This helps
> avoids google tagging my emails as spam for generating them using
> someone elses smtp servers. I should probably setup properly sending
> gmail to avoid that.

Don't worry too much about it too much.

I _do_ try to always read all my email, it's just that I find things
faster that match that pattern.

And I don't think I've actually lost one of your pull requests (knock
wood), they might just end up delayed a bit.

That said - having "[GIT PULL]" in the subject line is how the
pr-tracker-bot finds the emails too, so if you do the subject line
thing, you'll not only trigger my search term, you'll also get the
nice notifications from the bot when I've pushed out my merge.


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