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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 1/1] i2c: iproc: Add i2c repeated start capability
Hi Ray,

> > With all the limitations in place, I wonder if it might be easier to
> > implement an smbus_xfer callback instead? What is left that makes this
> > controller more than SMBus and real I2C?
> >
> Right. But what is the implication of using smbus_xfer instead of
> master_xfer in our driver?
> Does it mean it will break existing functions of the i2c app that our
> customers developed based on i2cdev (e.g., I2C_RDWR)?

If the customers uses I2C_RDWR (and it cannot be mapped to i2c_smbus_*
calls) then this is an indication that there is some I2C functionality
left which the HW can provide. I'd be interested which one, though.

> 1) Does

Maybe you wanted to describe it here and it got accidently cut off?



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