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SubjectRe: [PATCH -next] net: mlx5: Kconfig: Fix MLX5_CORE_EN dependencies
On Tue, 2019-08-27 at 11:12 +0800, Mao Wenan wrote:
> When MLX5_CORE_EN=y and PCI_HYPERV_INTERFACE is not set, below errors
> are found:
> drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/en_main.o: In function
> `mlx5e_nic_enable':
> en_main.c:(.text+0xb649): undefined reference to
> `mlx5e_hv_vhca_stats_create'
> drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/en_main.o: In function
> `mlx5e_nic_disable':
> en_main.c:(.text+0xb8c4): undefined reference to
> `mlx5e_hv_vhca_stats_destroy'
> This because CONFIG_PCI_HYPERV_INTERFACE is newly introduced by
> 'commit 348dd93e40c1
> ("PCI: hv: Add a Hyper-V PCI interface driver for software
> backchannel interface"),
> Fix this by making MLX5_CORE_EN imply PCI_HYPERV_INTERFACE.

let's not imply anything..
mlx5e_hv_vhca_* should already have stubs in
mlx5/core/en/hv_vhca_stat.h when PCI_HYPERV_INTERFACE is off/undef !

I Just tried:

$ ./scripts/config -s PCI_HYPERV_INTERFACE
$ ./scripts/config -s MLX5_CORE
$ ./scripts/config -s MLX5_CORE_EN

$ make

And build passed just fine.

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