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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/apic: reset LDR in clear_local_APIC
Thomas Gleixner <> writes:

> Bandan,
> On Wed, 21 Aug 2019, Bandan Das wrote:
>> Thomas Gleixner <> writes:
>> So, in KVM: if we make sure that the logical destination map isn't filled up if the virtual
>> apic is not enabled by software, it really doesn't matter whether the LDR for an inactive CPU
>> has a stale value.
>> In x86/apic: if we make sure that the LDR is 0 or reset,
>> recalculate_apic_map() will never consider including this cpu in the
>> logical map.
> ?
>> In short, as I mentioned in the patch description, this is really a KVM
>> bug but it doesn't hurt to clear out the LDR in the guest and then, it
>> wouldn't need a hypervisor fix.
> I still needs a hypervisor fix. Taking disabled APICs into account is a bug
> which has also other consequeces than that particular one. So please don't
> claim that. It's wrong.
> If that prevents the APIC bug from triggering on unfixed hypervisors, then
> this is a nice side effect, but not a solution.
Agreed and fwiw, the kvm fix has been queued already.

>> Is this better ?
> That's way better.
> So can you please create two patches:
> 1) Make that bogus bigsmp ldr init empty
> That one wants a changelog along these lines:
> - Setting LDR for physical destination mode is pointless
> - Setting multiple bits in the LDR is wrong
> Mention how this was discovered and caused the KVM APIC bug to be
> triggered. Also mention that the change is not there to paper over
> the KVM APIC bug. The change fixes a bug in the bigsmp APIC code.
> 2) Clear LDR in in that apic reset function
> That one wants a changelog along these lines:
> - Except for x2apic the LDR should be cleared as any other APIC
> register
> Mention how this was discovered. Again the change is not there to
> paper over the KVM APIC bug. It's for correctness sake and valid on
> its own.
> Thanks,
Will do as you suggested. Thank you for the review.

> tglx

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