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SubjectRe: [EXT] Re: [PATCH net-next 0/1] Add BASE-T1 PHY support
> The current patch set IMO is a little bit hacky. I'm not 100% happy
> with the implicit assumption that there can't be devices supporting
> T1 and classic BaseT modes or fiber modes.
> Andrew: Do you have an opinion on that?

Hi Heiner

I would also like cleaner integration. I doubt here is anything in the
standard which says you cannot combine these modes. It is more a
marketing question if anybody would build such a device. Maybe not
directly into a vehicle, but you could imaging a mobile test device
which uses T1 to talk to the car and T4 to connect to the garage

So i don't think we should limit ourselves. phylib should provide a
clean, simple set of helpers to perform standard operations for
various modes. Drivers can make use of those helpers. That much should
be clear. If we try to make genphy support them all simultaneously, is
less clear.


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