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Subjectre: Added Realtek rtl8192u driver to staging - static analysis report.

Static analysis of linux-next picked up an issue with the following commit:

commit 8fc8598e61f6f384f3eaf1d9b09500c12af47b37
Author: Jerry Chuang <>
Date: Tue Nov 3 07:17:11 2009 -0200

Staging: Added Realtek rtl8192u driver to staging

In drivers/staging/rtl8192u/ieee80211/ieee80211_softmac.c we have:

CID 48331 (#1 of 1): Unused value (UNUSED_VALUE) assigned_pointer

Assigning value from ieee->crypt[ieee->tx_keyidx] to crypt here, but
that stored value is not used.

746 crypt = ieee->crypt[ieee->tx_keyidx];
747 if (encrypt)
748 beacon_buf->capability |=

Pointer crypt is being assigned but is never used afterwards. Now
either this is a redundant assignment and can be removed OR maybe crypt
should be checked and there is a typo, e.g.:

crypt = ieee->crypt[ieee->tx_keyidx];
if (crypt)

Either way, it's not clear to me and I think the code needs cleaning up.
Any ideas?


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