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SubjectRe: [PATCH] docs: mtd: Update spi nor reference driver
On 20/08/2019 17:58, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 03:09:15PM +0100, John Garry wrote:
>> On 19/08/2019 05:39, Vignesh Raghavendra wrote:
>>> On 16/08/19 3:50 PM, John Garry wrote:
>>>> About the child spi flash devices, is the recommendation to just use
>>>> PRP0001 HID and "jedec,spi-nor" compatible?
>>> I am not quite familiar with ACPI systems, but child flash device should
>>> use "jedec,spi-nor" as compatible.
>> Right, so to use SPI MEM framework, it looks like I will have to use PRP0001
>> and "jedec,spi-nor" as compatible.
>> My reluctance in using PRP0001 and compatible "jedec,spi-nor" is how other
>> OS can understand this.

Hi Mark,

> Last I heard Windows wasn't doing anything with PRP0001 but on the other
> hand the idiomatic way to handle this for ACPI is as far as I can tell
> to have what is essentially a board file loaded based on DMI information
> without any real enumerability so there's no real conflict between the
> two methods.

Fine, I'll consider this alt method further.



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