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SubjectDear Beloved
Dear Beloved,

I'm Reverend Father David Nolan, I was born in Brooklyn, NYC, 1970, I
was ordained into the Catholic Priesthood.

Please take your time to read this message, although we have never met
before, this is no spam, It's a real message sent to you. I know also
that you will be amazed at the level of trust that I am willing to
place in a person that I have never seen nor spoken with.

I have been a catholic priest for over 22 years. I had a heart surgery
on the 23-11-2017 and the Doctors have informed me that I cannot live
longer; I had a serious bleeding after the operation.

I have decided to will to you all the money which was deposited in my
bank account by a dying elderly woman in my congregation the total sum
of $5,970,000.00 (Five million Nine Hundred and seventy Thousand US

I want you to use this sum to make the world a better place for the
poor and less privileged, help the needy and also help your family

I took this decision because I was raised in an Orphanage so I don't
have relatives and presently, I'm hospitalized in Cabinet Medical Le
Sacre Coeur, where I am undergoing treatment. That's why I have
decided to contact you so that you can make good use of the money
which I will to you.

Reverend Father David Nolan

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