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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/apic: Update virtual irq base for DT/OF based system as well
On Wed, 21 Aug 2019, Rahul Tanwar wrote:

> 'ioapic_dynirq_base' contains the virtual IRQ base number. Presently, it is
> updated to the end of hardware IRQ numbers but this is done only when IOAPIC
> configuration type is IOAPIC_DOMAIN_LEGACY or IOAPIC_DOMAIN_STRICT. There is
> a third type IOAPIC_DOMAIN_DYNAMIC which applies when IOAPIC configuration
> comes from devicetree.
> Please see dtb_add_ioapic() in arch/x86/kernel/devicetree.c

We know how DT based ioapics are added. No need to point to it.

> In case of IOAPIC_DOMAIN_DYNAMIC (DT/OF based system), 'ioapic_dynirq_base'
> remains to zero initialized value. This means that for OF based systems,
> virtual IRQ base will get set to zero. Zero value for a virtual IRQ is a
> invalid value.
> Please see for more details.

First of all, please do not use random archive links. See
Documentation/process/ how links to LKML archives should look like

Secondly, this link is irrelevant. ioapic_dynirq_base has nothing to do
with virtual IRQ number 0. It's a boundary for the dynamic allocation of
virtual interrupt numbers so that the core allocator does not pick
interrupts out of the IOAPIC's fixed interrupt number space.

This can be legitimately 0 when IOAPIC is not enabled at all.

Can you please explain what kind of problem you were seing and what this
really fixes?



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