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SubjectRe: devm_memremap_pages() triggers a kasan_add_zero_shadow() warning
On 08/21/19 at 05:12pm, Qian Cai wrote:
> > > Does disabling CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE help? Maybe that workaround has
> > > regressed. Effectively we need to find what is causing the kernel to
> > > sometimes be placed in the middle of a custom reserved memmap= range.
> >
> > Yes, disabling KASLR works good so far. Assuming the workaround, i.e.,
> > f28442497b5c
> > (“x86/boot: Fix KASLR and memmap= collision”) is correct.
> >
> > The only other commit that might regress it from my research so far is,
> >
> > d52e7d5a952c ("x86/KASLR: Parse all 'memmap=' boot option entries”)
> >
> It turns out that the origin commit f28442497b5c (“x86/boot: Fix KASLR and
> memmap= collision”) has a bug that is unable to handle "memmap=" in
> CONFIG_CMDLINE instead of a parameter in bootloader because when it (as well as
> the commit d52e7d5a952c) calls get_cmd_line_ptr() in order to run
> mem_avoid_memmap(), "boot_params" has no knowledge of CONFIG_CMDLINE. Only later
> in setup_arch(), the kernel will deal with parameters over there.

Yes, we didn't consider CONFIG_CMDLINE during boot compressing stage. It
should be a generic issue since other parameters from CONFIG_CMDLINE could
be ignored too, not only KASLR handling. Would you like to cast a patch
to fix it? Or I can fix it later, maybe next week.


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