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SubjectRe: Kernel 5.2.8 - au0828 - Tuner Is Busy
While your mention of quirks-table.h certainly had possibilities, I'm
afraid adding the "AU0828_DEVICE(0x05e1, 0x0400, "Hauppauge",
"Woodbury")," entry for my tuner did not make any difference regarding
the "Tuner is busy. Error -19" message.

I don't know if this means anything, but I see from 2010 which contains
changes for the 0x0400 model. I guess it never got pulled in.

Really, it's fine for me just to hang back at v5.1 for a year or two
until ATSC 3.0 USB tuners come out at a reasonable price.

On Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 4:44 PM shuah <> wrote:
> You said you make changes to the
> "Whenever I update my kernel, I edit the
> ./drivers/media/usb/au0828/au0828-cards.c file adding an entry for my
> 0x400 device.
> I've been doing it for years and it's been working fine... until now..."
> Please send me the changes you make to the file. I see the following
> WOODBURY devices. I am assuming you add 0x400 entry.
> { USB_DEVICE(0x05e1, 0x0480),
> .driver_info = AU0828_BOARD_HAUPPAUGE_WOODBURY },
> { USB_DEVICE(0x2040, 0x8200),
> .driver_info = AU0828_BOARD_HAUPPAUGE_WOODBURY },
> There is another table in sound/usb/quirks-table.h for AU0828
> devices. In addition to 812658d88d26, 66354f18fe5f makes change
> to this table to add a flag. I see two entries in that table:
> AU0828_DEVICE(0x05e1, 0x0480, "Hauppauge", "Woodbury"),
> AU0828_DEVICE(0x2040, 0x8200, "Hauppauge", "Woodbury"),
> Since these drivers are now coupled doing resource sharing,
> could it be that with your change to au02828 device table,
> your changes are bow incomplete.
> I don't have a Woodbury device though. This is something to
> try.
> Did you consider sending patch to add your device variant,
> so you don't have to keep making this change whenever you
> go to a new kernel?
> thanks,
> -- Shuah

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