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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] per memcg lru_lock

在 2019/8/21 上午2:24, Hugh Dickins 写道:
> I'll set aside what I'm doing, and switch to rebasing ours to v5.3-rc
> and/or mmotm. Then compare with what Alex has, to see if there's any
> good reason to prefer one to the other: if no good reason to prefer ours,
> I doubt we shall bother to repost, but just use it as basis for helping
> to review or improve Alex's.

For your review, my patchset are pretty straight and simple. It just use per lruvec lru_lock to replace necessary pgdat lru_lock. just this.
We could talk more after I back to work. :)

Thanks alot!

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