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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 7/9] vhost: do not use RCU to synchronize MMU notifier with worker
On Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 05:40:07PM +0800, Jason Wang wrote:
> > This must be a proper barrier, like a spinlock, mutex, or
> > synchronize_rcu.
> I start with synchronize_rcu() but both you and Michael raise some
> concern.

I've also idly wondered if calling synchronize_rcu() under the various
mm locks is a deadlock situation.

> Then I try spinlock and mutex:
> 1) spinlock: add lots of overhead on datapath, this leads 0 performance
> improvement.

I think the topic here is correctness not performance improvement

> 2) SRCU: full memory barrier requires on srcu_read_lock(), which still leads
> little performance improvement

> 3) mutex: a possible issue is need to wait for the page to be swapped in (is
> this unacceptable ?), another issue is that we need hold vq lock during
> range overlap check.

I have a feeling that mmu notififers cannot safely become dependent on
progress of swap without causing deadlock. You probably should avoid

> > And, again, you can't re-invent a spinlock with open coding and get
> > something better.
> So the question is if waiting for swap is considered to be unsuitable for
> MMU notifiers. If not, it would simplify codes. If not, we still need to
> figure out a possible solution.
> Btw, I come up another idea, that is to disable preemption when vhost thread
> need to access the memory. Then register preempt notifier and if vhost
> thread is preempted, we're sure no one will access the memory and can do the
> cleanup.

I think you should use the spinlock so at least the code is obviously
functionally correct and worry about designing some properly justified
performance change after.


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