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SubjectDevice to write to all (serial) consoles
Dear Linux folks,

On a lot of devices, like servers, you have more than one serial console,
and you do not always know, how they are numbered. Therefore, we start a
console on ttyS0 and ttyS1.

In user space, we also would like to write to both consoles to not worry
about the numbering. Writing to `/dev/console` only write to the active

$ more /proc/consoles # I think
tty0 -WU (EC p ) 4:1
ttyS0 -W- (E p a) 4:65
ttyS1 -W- (E p a) 4:65

Does a device exist, or can a device be configured so you can write to
all (serial) consoles from user space?

Kind regards,


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