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SubjectRe: Bug#921146: Program mksquashfs from squashfs-tools 1:4.3-11 does not make use all CPU cores
On Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 11:41 PM László Böszörményi (GCS) <> wrote:

> Let me add Chris Lamb then the previous Debian Project Leader (also
> British just like you [as I know] and you may sit down and talk about
> this in person) who asked for the reproducibility patch / build in the
> first place.

If Chris Lamb or anyone else wants a face-to-face meeting I'm more
than happy to do so.

I coincidentally have a week's holiday (vacation) next week, and I'm
happy to spend a day of it travelling and meeting to discuss the

I do want to de-escalate this situation if possible.


> > What else do I have to do to make you stop bad-mouthing Squashfs? Sue?
> If you feel yourself better with that, be my guest. I don't know who
> is the lawyer of Debian, but I'm sure s/he can show you that it's only
> you who dance this storm.
> Regards,
> Laszlo/GCS
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