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SubjectRe: [PATCH bpf-next RFC v3 2/6] bpf: add BPF_MAP_DUMP command to dump more than one entry per call
> Maybe you can swap map_fd and flags?
> This way, you won't have hole right after map_fd?

Makes sense.

> > + attr->flags = 0;
> Why do you want attr->flags? This is to modify anonumous struct used by
> BPF_MAP_*_ELEM commands.

Nice catch! This was a mistake I forgot to delete that line.

> In bcc, we have use cases like this. At a certain time interval (e.g.,
> every 2 seconds),
> we get all key/value pairs for a map, we format and print out map
> key/values on the screen,
> and then delete all key/value pairs we retrieved earlier.
> Currently, bpf_get_next_key() is used to get all key/value pairs, and
> deletion also happened
> at each key level.
> Your batch dump command should help retrieving map key/value pairs.
> What do you think deletions of those just retrieved map entries?
> With an additional flag and fold into BPF_MAP_DUMP?
> or implement a new BPF_MAP_DUMP_AND_DELETE?
> I mentioned this so that we can start discussion now.
> You do not need to implement batch deletion part, but let us
> have a design extensible for that.
> Thanks.

With a additional flag, code could be racy where you copy an old value
and delete the newest one.
So maybe we could implement BPF_MAP_DUMP_AND_DELETE as a wrapper of
map_get_next_key + map_lookup_and_delete_elem. Last function already
exists but it has not been implemented for maps other than stack and

Thanks for reviewing it!

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