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SubjectRe: mfd: asic3: One function call less in asic3_irq_probe()
>> I suggest to reduce a bit of duplicate source code also at this place.
> Duplicate code (logic) or just characters ?


> IMHO, readability is an important aspect, so we could be careful about that.

This is usual.

The code text size can influence this aspect in considerable ways.

>> We can have different opinions about the criteria which are relevant here.
> Which criterias are you operating on ?

I suggest occasionally again to reconsider consequences around a principle
like “Don't repeat yourself”.

> I think it's good that you're using tools like cocci for pointing out
> *possible* points of useful refactoring.

Thanks for your general understanding.

> But that doesn't mean that a particular patch can be accepted
> or not in the greater context.

Would you like to find the corresponding change acceptance out at all?

> Note that such issues are pretty subjective

The situation depends on some factors.

> - it's not a technical

I got an other impression.

> but an asthetic matter,

This matters also.

> so such issues can't be resolved by logic.

I guess that it can help.


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