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SubjectRe: [bisected] "mm/vmalloc: Add flag for freeing of special permsissions" corrupts memory on ia64
> I am out of the office and don't have access to this hardware either. I
> will try to find someone at Intel that does to speed this up. In the
> meantime I can send you a logging patch to do some sanity checks if you
> are able to run it.

I am also cut off from testing anything - it seems the air conditioning
unit in my test site has failked for good now and the earliest I can test
anything is next week.

> I think I found your earlier mail, and it said 5.2-rc1 did not show the
> problem. I guess this wasn't the case after further testing, but 5.1
> continued to be problem free?

Yes, 5.2-rc1 was problematic in retesting, and 5.1 was OK.

I also started suspecting binutils upgrade meanwhile - I upgraded binutils
to 2.31.1-p5 in Gentoo right after booting into 5.1, but the bisection
results were finally consistent so I did not look into binutils versions
further. gcc has not changed for me recently.

Meelis Roos <>

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