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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mfd: asic3: One function call less in asic3_irq_probe()
>> Avoid an extra function call by using a ternary operator instead of
>> a conditional statement.
> Which is a good thing, because...?

I suggest to reduce a bit of duplicate source code also at this place.

>> This issue was detected by using the Coccinelle software.
> Oh, I see - that answers all questions.

Obviously not so far.

> "Software has detected an issue", so of course an issue it is.

The mentioned development tool can help to point refactoring
possibilities out.

>> - if (irq < asic->irq_base + ASIC3_NUM_GPIOS)
>> - irq_set_chip(irq, &asic3_gpio_irq_chip);
>> - else
>> - irq_set_chip(irq, &asic3_irq_chip);
>> -
>> + irq_set_chip(irq,
>> + (irq < asic->irq_base + ASIC3_NUM_GPIOS)
>> + ? &asic3_gpio_irq_chip
>> + : &asic3_irq_chip);
> ... except that the result is not objectively better by any real criteria.

We can have different opinions about the criteria which are relevant here.

> It's not more readable,

This is a possible view.

> it conveys _less_ information to reader

I guess that the interpretation of this feedback can become more interesting.

> (the fact that calls differ only by the last argument
> had been visually obvious already,

Can the repeated code specification make the recognition of this
implementation detail a bit harder actually?

> had been visually obvious already, and logics used to be easier
> to see), it (obviously) does not generate better (or different) code.

The functionality should be equivalent for the shown software refactoring.

> What the hell is the point?

I dare to point another change possibility out.
I am unsure if this adjustment will be picked up finally.


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