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Subject[PATCH bpf-next 0/2] libbpf: add an option to reuse maps when loading a program
The following two patches add an option for users to reuse existing maps when
loading a program using the bpf_prog_load_xattr function. A user can specify a
directory containing pinned maps inside the bpf_prog_load_attr structure, and in
this case the bpf_prog_load_xattr function will replace (bpf_map__reuse_fd) all
maps defined in the object with file descriptors obtained from corresponding
entries from the specified directory.

Anton Protopopov (2):
bpf, libbpf: add a new API bpf_object__reuse_maps()
bpf, libbpf: add an option to reuse existing maps in bpf_prog_load_xattr

tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.c | 42 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.h | 3 +++
tools/lib/bpf/ | 1 +
3 files changed, 46 insertions(+)


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