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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [RFC] dmaengine: add fifo_size member
Hi Vinod,

What are your final thoughts regarding this?


>> Where does ADMAIF driver reside in kernel, who configures it for normal
>> dma txns..?
> Not yet, we are in the process of upstreaming ADMAIF driver.
> To describe briefly, audio subsystem is using ALSA SoC(ASoC) layer.
> registered as platform driver and exports DMA functionality. It
> registers PCM
> devices for each Rx/Tx ADMAIF channel. During PCM playback/capture
> operations,
> ALSA callbacks configure DMA channel using API dmaengine_slave_config().
> RFC patch proposed, is to help populate FIFO_SIZE value as well during
> above
> call, since ADMA requires it.
>> Also it wold have helped the long discussion if that part was made clear
>> rather than talking about peripheral all this time :(
> Thought it was clear, though should have avoided using 'peripheral' in
> the
> discussions. Sorry for the confusion.

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