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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/2] char: tpm: add new driver for tpm i2c ptp
On Thu, 2019-07-04 at 12:48 -0500, Oshri Alkobi wrote:
> Alex, Jarkko, thank you very much for your feedbacks!

Please configure your email client to use plain text.

> I totally agree, there are some duplications that can be common, indeed it
> will require some work in tpm_tis_core.
> Since I believe it is not going to happen soon, I would suggest to examine
> what duplications can currently be dropped from the new driver, so the kernel
> will support the PTP I2C interface in the meantime.
> I will appreciate getting ideas about any tpm_tis_core logic that currently
> can be used as is by the new drive.

I rather wait for a solution that integrates with our mature stack for
TIS (or these days FIFO) than integrate something half-baked. If you
want something in, please do right things right.

What you are proposing would mean maintaining duplicate stacks forever.

> Since the TIS is an old specification that mostly defines FIFO for TPM1.2 I
> would say the name tpm_tis_i2c does not completely reflect its goal. However
> we really don't have any problem with any name that the group will agree on.
> Does tpm_ptp_i2c sound better than the current name?

Absolutely not going to use that name. The naming convention is what
it is for other drivers that are adapt tpm_tis_core to different HW


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