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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/11] MIPS: qi_lb60: Migrate to devicetree

Paul Cercueil wrote:
> Move all the platform data to devicetree.
> The only bit dropped is the PWM beeper, which requires the PWM driver
> to be updated. I figured it's okay to remove it here since it's really
> a non-critical device, and it'll be re-introduced soon enough.
> The other change is the CS line of the SPI is now set as active low. The
> SPI core would have forced "active low" anyway, unless the 'spi-cs-high'
> property is set.
> In the process of moving to devicetree, we also switched to new drivers:
> - We use the simple-audio-card and simple-amplifier drivers instead of
> the custom ASoC code;
> - We use the new Ingenic DRM driver coupled with the GiantPlus GPM940B0
> DRM panel driver instead of the old framebuffer driver;
> - We use the new jz4780-dma driver instead of the old jz4740-dma one;
> - We use the ingenic-nand and jz4740-ecc drivers instead of the old
> jz4740-nand driver;
> - We use ingenic-battery instead of jz4740-battery;
> - We use iio-hwmon instead of jz4740-hwmon;
> - We use ingenic-iio instead of the old jz4740-adc MFD driver.
> Signed-off-by: Paul Cercueil <>
> Tested-by: Artur Rojek <>

Applied to mips-next.


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