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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/2] char: tpm: add new driver for tpm i2c ptp
Hi Benoit,

good to see you're still around.

On 30.07.2019 10:39, Benoit HOUYERE wrote:
> Hi Alexander, Jarkko and Eyal,
> A first I2C TCG patch (tpm_tis_i2c.c) has been proposed in the same time as tpm_tis_spi.c by Christophe 3 years ago.

Thanks for mentioning this. I forgot it exists, since it was still on
the old mailing list.

> At the time, we have had two concerns :
> 1) I2C TPM component number, in the market, compliant with new I2C TCG specification to validate new I2C driver.
> 2) Lots changing was already provided by tpm_tis_spi.c on 4.8.
> That's why Tpm_tis_i2c.c has been postponed.
> Tpm_tis_spi Linux driver is now robust, if we have several different I2C TPM solutions today to validate a tpm_tis_i2c driver, I 'm ready to contribute to it for validation (STmicro TPM) or propose a solution compatible on 5.1 linux driver if needed under timeframe proposed (second half of august).

Could you run your tests against the simple implementation that I posted
a while ago ( and provide
your feedback? Since it is already based on the current tpm_tis_core, it
is probably easier to integrate necessary changes there.

By the way, has it gotten any easier in the meantime to get hold of your
TPMs to use them for kernel tests?


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