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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rtl8xxxu: Fix wifi low signal strength issue of RTL8723BU
On 7/3/19 3:42 AM, Daniel Drake wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 8:42 PM Jes Sorensen <> wrote:
>> We definitely don't want to bring over the vendor code, since it's a
>> pile of spaghetti, but we probably need to get something sorted. This
>> went down the drain when the bluetooth driver was added without taking
>> it into account - long after this driver was merged.
> Yeah, I didn't mean bring over quite so literally.. Chris is studying
> it and figuring out the neatest way to reimplement the required bits.
> As for the relationship with bluetooth.. actually the bug that Chris
> is working on here is that the rtl8xxxu wifi signal is totally
> unusable *until* the bluetooth driver is loaded.

So this is not my experience at all from when I wrote the code. The
8723bu dongle I used for it came up just fine.

> Once the bluetooth driver is loaded, at the point of bluetooth
> firmware upload, the rtl8xxxu signal magiaclly strength becomes good.
> I think this is consistent with other rtl8xxxu problem reports that we
> saw lying around, although they had not been diagnosed in so much
> detail.

See this is the very opposite of what I have experienced. The bluetooth
driver ruins the signal when it's loaded with my dongle.

> The rtl8723bu vendor driver does not suffer this problem, it works
> fine with or without the bluetooth driver in place.

My point is this seems to be very dongle dependent :( We have to be
careful not breaking it for some users while fixing it for others.


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