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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 4/7] net: phy: realtek: Enable accessing RTL8211E extension pages
On 03.07.2019 23:24, Matthias Kaehlcke wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 03, 2019 at 11:01:09PM +0200, Heiner Kallweit wrote:
>> On 03.07.2019 22:36, Matthias Kaehlcke wrote:
>>> On Wed, Jul 03, 2019 at 10:12:12PM +0200, Heiner Kallweit wrote:
>>>> On 03.07.2019 21:37, Matthias Kaehlcke wrote:
>>>>> The RTL8211E has extension pages, which can be accessed after
>>>>> selecting a page through a custom method. Add a function to
>>>>> modify bits in a register of an extension page and a helper for
>>>>> selecting an ext page.
>>>>> rtl8211e_modify_ext_paged() is inspired by its counterpart
>>>>> phy_modify_paged().
>>>>> Signed-off-by: Matthias Kaehlcke <>
>>>>> ---
>>>>> Changes in v2:
>>>>> - assign .read/write_page handlers for RTL8211E
>>>> Maybe this was planned, but it's not part of the patch.
>>> Oops, it was definitely there when I tested ... I guess this got
>>> somehow lost when changing the patch order and resolving minor
>>> conflicts, seems like I only build tested after that :/
>> RTL8211E also supports normal pages (reg 0x1f = page).
>> See e.g. rtl8168e_2_hw_phy_config in the r8169 driver, this network
>> chip has an integrated RTL8211E PHY. There settings on page 3 and 5
>> are done.
>> Therefore I would prefer to use .read/write_page for normal paging
>> in all Realtek PHY drivers. Means the code here would remain as it
>> is and just the changelog would need to be fixed.
> Do I understand correctly that you suggest an additional patch that
> assigns .read/write_page() for all entries of realtek_drvs?

No, basically all the Realtek PHY drivers use the following already:
.read_page = rtl821x_read_page,
.write_page = rtl821x_write_page,
What I mean is that this should stay as it is, and not be overwritten
with the extended paging.

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