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SubjectRe: Reminder: 1 open syzbot bug in rtc subsystem
On Tue 2019-07-23 19:50:08, Eric Biggers wrote:
> [This email was generated by a script. Let me know if you have any suggestions
> to make it better, or if you want it re-generated with the latest status.]
> Of the currently open syzbot reports against the upstream kernel, I've manually
> marked 1 of them as possibly being a bug in the rtc subsystem.
> If you believe this bug is no longer valid, please close the syzbot report by
> sending a '#syz fix', '#syz dup', or '#syz invalid' command in reply to the
> original thread, as explained at
> If you believe I misattributed this bug to the rtc subsystem, please let me
> know, and if possible forward the report to the correct people or mailing list.
> Here is the bug:

Can you stop spamming lkml?

Sending 20 "reminders" in a row is not something human would do, and it is not
something your bot should be allowed to do, either.


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