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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v3 00/16] Core scheduling v3
On 25-Jul-2019 10:30:03 PM, Aaron Lu wrote:
> I tried a different approach based on vruntime with 3 patches following.

We have experimented with this new patchset and indeed the fairness is
now much better. Interactive tasks with v3 were complete starving when
there were cpu-intensive tasks running, now they can run consistently.
With my initial test of TPC-C running in large VMs with a lot of
background noise VMs, the results are pretty similar to v3, I will run
more thorough tests and report the results back here.

Instead of the 3/3 hack patch, we were already working on a different
approach to solve the same problem. What we have done so far is create a
very low priority per-cpu coresched_idle kernel thread that we use
instead of idle when we can't co-schedule tasks. This gives us more
control and accounting. It still needs some work, but the initial
results are encouraging, I will post more when we have something that
works well.



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