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Subject[ANNOUNCE] KernelShark 1.0
Hi Folks,

It is finally official. We have finished and released KernelShark 1.0.

It's a completely new rewrite in Qt from the older KernelShark that was
written in GTK. It's faster, it's more extensible, and easier to use.

For how to use KernelShark please read:

I would like to thank my team that worked tirelessly on this, and
especially Yordan Karadzhov who did the majority of the work, and even
came up with several algorithms to speed up the handling. I will be
transitioning maintainership off to Yordan. We will currently be
co-maintainers, but eventually we will be splitting KernelShark out of
the trace-cmd.git repo and into its own. At that time, Yordan will be
the main maintainer of the project.

Download it and try it out.

Now we can finally start working on KernelShark 2.0 that's going to be
another huge improvement!


-- Steve

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