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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 00/40] soundwire: updates for 5.4
On 2019-07-26 01:39, Pierre-Louis Bossart wrote:
> The existing upstream code allows for SoundWire devices to be
> enumerated and managed by the bus, but streaming is not currently
> supported.
> Bard Liao, Rander Wang and I did quite a bit of integration/validation
> work to close this gap and we now have SoundWire streaming + basic
> power managemement on Intel CometLake and IceLake reference
> boards. These changes are still preliminary and should not be merged
> as is, but it's time to start reviews. While the number of patches is
> quite large, each of the changes is quite small.
> SOF driver changes will be submitted shortly as well but are still
> being validated.
> ClockStop modes and synchronized playback on
> multiple links are not supported for now and will likely be part of
> the next cycle (dependencies on codec drivers and multi-cpu DAI
> support).
> Acknowledgements: This work would not have been possible without the
> support of Slawomir Blauciak and Tomasz Lauda on the SOF side,
> currently being reviewed, see
> Comments and feedback welcome!

Hello Pierre,

This patchset is pretty large - I'd suggest dividing next RFC into
segments: debugfs, info, power-management, basic flow corrections and
frame shape calculator.
Some commits have no messages and others lack additional info - tried to
provide feedback wherever I could, though, especially for the last one,
it would be vital to post additional info so in-depth feedback can be

Maybe nothing for calculator will come up, maybe something will. In
general I remember it being an essential part of SDW and one where many
bugs where found during the initial verification phase.

Thanks for your contribution and have a good day!

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