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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rbtree: sync up the tools/ copy of the code with the main one
On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 8:19 PM Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Jul 2019 20:48:12 -0700 Michel Lespinasse <> wrote:
> > I should probably have done this in the same commit that changed the
> > main rbtree code to avoid generating code twice for the cached rbtree
> > versions.
> >
> > Not copying the reviewers of the previous change as tools/ is just another
> > copy of it. Copying LKML anyway because the additional noise
> > won't make as much of a difference there :)
> That isn't really a changelog. Could we please have a few words
> describing the change? Was it a simple `cp'?

Hmmm, sorry about that. Here is what I propose as a changelog:

rbtree: avoid generating code twice for the cached versions (tools copy)

As was already noted in rbtree.h, the logic to cache rb_first (or rb_last)
can easily be implemented externally to the core rbtree api.

This commit takes the changes applied to the include/linux/ and lib/
rbtree files in commit 9f973cb38088, and applies these to the
tools/include/linux/ and tools/lib/ files as well to keep them synchronized.

Signed-off-by: Michel Lespinasse <>

The files are not a straight copy, but are very close. I opened the
tools/include/linux rbtree files, cut out the parts that were modified
in commit 9f973cb38088, then pasted the corresponding replacements
from that commit. Then I diffed the exported commits against each
other for a sanity check - they differ only in their context and in
irrelevant detail (for example whether some removed function had some

Michel "Walken" Lespinasse
A program is never fully debugged until the last user dies.

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