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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/16] nvmet: add target passthru commands support

>> How do you handle subsystem naming?
>> If you enable the 'passthru' device, the (nvmet) subsystem (and its
>> name) is already created. Yet the passthru device will have its own
>> internal subsystem naming, so if you're not extra careful you'll end up
>> with a nvmet subsystem which doesn't have any relationship with the
>> passthru subsystem, making addressing etc ... tricky.
>> Any thoughts about that?
> Well I can't say I have a great understanding of how multipath works, but...

Why is this related to multipath?

> I don't think it necessarily makes sense for the target subsynqn and the
> target's device nqn to be the same. It would be weird for a user to want
> to use the same device and a passed through device (through a loop) as
> part of the same subsystem. That being said, it's possible for the user
> to use the subsysnqn from the passed through device for the name of the
> subsys of the target. I tried this and it works except for the fact that
> the device I'm passing through doesn't set id->cmic.

I don't see why should the subsystem nqn should be the same name. Its
just like any other nvmet subsystem, just happens to have a nvme
controller in the backend (which it knows about). No reason to have
the same name IMO.

>> Similarly: how do you propose to handle multipath devices?
>> Any NVMe with several paths will be enabling NVMe multipathing
>> automatically, presenting you with a single multipathed namespace.
>> How will these devices be treated?
> Well passthru works on the controller level not on the namespace level.
> So it can't make use of the multipath handling on the target system.

Why? if nvmet is capable, why shouldn't we support it?

> The one case that I think makes sense to me, but I don't know how if we
> can handle, is if the user had a couple multipath enabled controllers
> with the same subsynqn

That is usually the case, there is no multipathing defined across NVM
subsystems (at least for now).

> and wanted to passthru all of them to another
> system and use multipath on the host with both controllers. This would
> require having multiple target subsystems with the same name which I
> don't think will work too well.

Don't understand why this is the case?

AFAICT, all nvmet needs to do is:
1. override cimc
2. allow allocating multiple controllers to the pt ctrl as long as the
hostnqn match.
3. answer all the ana stuff.

What else is missing?

>> Will the multipathed namespace be used for passthru?
> Nope.
> Honestly, I think the answer is if someone wants to use multipathed
> controllers they should use regular NVMe-of as it doesn't really mesh
> well with the passthru approach.

Maybe I'm missing something, but they should be orthogonal.. I know that
its sort of not real passthru, but we are exposing an nvme device across
a fabric, I think its reasonable to have some adjustments on top.

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