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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Documentation: move Documentation/virtual to Documentation/virt
On 24/07/19 20:00, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> - kvm/api.txt pretty clearly belongs in the userspace-api book, rather
> than tossed in with:
> - kvm/review-checklist.txt, which belongs in the subsystem guide, if only
> we'd gotten around to creating it yet, or
> - kvm/mmu.txt, which is information for kernel developers, or
> - uml/UserModeLinux-HOWTO.txt, which belongs in the admin guide.
> I suspect that organization is going to be one of the main issues to talk
> about in Lisbon. Meanwhile, I hope that this rename won't preclude
> organizational work in the future.

Absolutely not, this rename was just about a badly-named directory. I
totally agree with the above reorganization. Does the userspace API
cover only syscall or perhaps sysfs interfaces? There are more API
files (amd-memory-encryption.txt, cpuid.txt, halt-polling.txt msr.txt,
ppc-pv.txt, s390-diag.txt) but, with the exception of
amd-memory-encryption.txt and halt-polling.txt, they cover the
emulated-hardware interfaces that KVM provides to virtual machines.


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