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SubjectRe: UDF filesystem image with Write-Once UDF Access Type

On 7/12/19 5:02 AM, Pali Rohár wrote:
> In my opinion without support for additional layer, kernel should treat
> UDF Write-Once Access Type as read-only mount for userspace. And not
> classic read/write mount.
> ...
> It seems that udf.ko does not support updating VAT table, so probably it
> should treat also filesystem with VAT as read-only too.

I thinkb085fbe2ef7fa7489903c45271ae7b7a52b0f9ab <>, deployed in 4.20,
does both of the things you want.

One case I ran across today that Windows handles, but Linux doesn't,
is write-protection via flags in the DomainIdentifier fields of the
Logical Volume Descriptor and File Set Descriptor. Linux allows
RW mount when those are marked protected, but Windows forces RO mount.

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