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Subject[RFC][PATCH 00/13] SCHED_DEADLINE server infrastructure

So recently syzcaller ran into the big deadline/period issue (again), and I
figured I should at least propose a patch that puts limits on that -- see Patch 1.

During that discussion; SCHED_OTHER servers got mentioned (also again), and I
figured I should have a poke at that too. So I took some inspiration from
patches Alessio Balsini send a while back and cobbled something together for
that too.

Included are also a bunch of patches I did for core scheduling (2-8),
which I'm probably going to just merge as they're generic cleanups.
They're included here because they make pick_next_task() simpler and
thereby thinking about the nested pick_next_task() logic inherent in
servers was less of a head-ache. (I think it can work fine without them,
but its easier with them on)

Anyway; after it all compiled it booted a kvm image all the way to userspace on
the first run, so clearly this code isn't to be trusted at all.

There's still lots of missing bits and pieces -- like changelogs and the
fair server isn't configurable or hooked into the bandwidth accounting,
but the foundation is there I think.


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