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SubjectRe: [HELP REQUESTED from the community] Was: Staging status of speakup
I think the program is genmap, I  have it in my init sequence, but I
am not sure it does anything at this point.

On Thu, 25 Jul 2019 00:04:07 -0400,
Chris Brannon wrote:
> Gregory Nowak <> writes:
> > keymap
> > I believe this is the currently active kernel keymap. I'm not sure of
> > the format, probably what dumpkeys(1) and showkey(1) use. Echoing
> > different values here should allow for remapping speakup's review
> > commands besides remapping the keyboard as a whole.
> AFAIK the Speakup keymap is just for remapping keys to Speakup
> functions. It's a binary format, not related to dumpkeys etc. You need
> a special program to compile a textual keymap into something that can be
> loaded into /sys/accessibility/speakup/keymap. I may have source for
> that lying around here somewhere. This is "here there be dragons"
> territory. I think the only specification of the format is in the
> source code.
> -- Chris
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