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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 00/15] tracing: of: Boot time tracing using devicetree

I discussed with Frank and other kernel developers last week at OSSJ 2019.
Eventually, I decided to leave from devicetree, because it can unstabilize
current devicetree desgin and policy. Instead, aim to introduce a new
generic structured kernel cmdline, something like "configtree".

I thought JSON or other generic data format, but they look a bit bloated
for my purpose. I just need something like "extended hierarchical kernel
cmdline". For example,

ftrace {
options = "sym-addr"
events = "initcall:*"
event.0 {
name = "tasl:task_newtask"
filter = "pid < 128"

Which can be written as

ftrace.options="sym-addr""initcall:*""tasl:task_newtask" ftrace.event.0.filter="pid < 128"

on current kernel cmdline.

So, the parameters are linearly extended from current kernel cmdline.
Kernel internal APIs must be able to handle both of current cmdline
key-values and configtree key-values.

Thank you,

Masami Hiramatsu <>

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