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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add Second Fan Support for Thinkpad P50
I have a Thinkpad P51 (BIOS version: N1UET74W, EC version: N1UHT26W).
This patch works on my computer and I can read both fan speeds through sysfs

On 2018-09-26 16:34:19 CEST, Stefan Assmann wrote:
> Is there a way to actually control the second fan? There's pwm1, but no
> pwm2. And pwm1 only affects fan1.

I have played with the driver code and I noticed that it is possible to
control both fans independently (unlike what the "Fan subdriver" comment in
the code says).
You can do that simply by calling fan_select_fan1 or fan_select_fan2, to
select a fan to be controlled, before calling fan_set_level. All control
parameters (disengaged, manual speeds, auto) are fully independent.

What is not smooth is reading back current control parameters from register
0x2f (like fan_pwm1_show or fan_pwm1_enable_show actually do), because the EC
ignores which fan is currently selected and it always returns the last written

Distinti Saluti/Best Regards,
Dario Messina

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